Benefits of Oils Used in Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is the most used type of complimentary and alternative medicine in hospitals and rehabilitation centers today. Nursing professionals use massage therapy to help with the relief of pain and to assist patients with sleeping. Oils are used in massage therapy to enhance the massage experience with its therapeutic effect. 홈타이

Massage therapy involves an action of manipulating the body with pressure-structured movements which can be done manually with hands, elbows, fingers, forearm, knees and feet or with mechanically aids, for example hot stones or other various devices. Some of the techniques used are skin rolling, kneading, striking, stretching, compression and shearing. Different areas of the body are targeted in massage therapy, muscles, tendons, ligaments, skin, joints and some organs. Therapy can be done clothed or unclothed, in a chair sitting or on the floor or table lying.

Essential oils and salts are used in massage therapy because they provide therapeutic benefits and help with the removal of dry skin. Each oil provides a different purpose and these are a few of the oils used. Coconut oil are the favorite oil used by therapist because it washes off easily. It helps in boosting your energy and building endurance, it enhances your performance, relieve stress and help with removing of mental fatigue. It is a safe oil to used because it prevents dryness and flaking of skin, delay wrinkles and sagging of skin, helps in treating skin ailments and preventing infections. Jojoba is the most natural oil because it resembles natural skin oil, it is soothing and nourishing and can be used on all skin type. Hazelnut is non-greasy and is used for toning skin.

Grapeseed oil is excellent for moisturizing the skin, it lubricates well, easily absorbed, tighten and tone the skin well. Macadamia oil is the best oil to used on dry skin. Sesame oil is a rich, softening oil that can be used on all skin type. Mustard oil helps to soothes arthritis pain and stiff joints and it lets off a pleasant aroma which some find appealing. Many practitioners of aromatherapy used organically produced essential oils because some states that there are pesticides residues in some essential oils.

Essential oils should not be used in its undiluted form on the skin because it can cause severe irritations or allergic reactions, it should be mixed with a carrier which is usually a vegetable base oil. Some common carrier oils used in massage therapy are Almond oil which helps with softening and lubricating dry skin. Avocado oil can be used on irritated skin, it has a lot of vitamins and can be used as a mild sunscreen. Olive oil contains a lot of protein and vitamins, absorbs rapidly into the skin and used in the treatment of muscular pains. Wheat Germ oil has vitamins, antioxidant properties and helps with diminishing of scars.

Some benefits of using oils in massage therapy are, they have antiseptic properties which provide a curative effect. They provide an uplifting feeling by decreases the feeling of anxiety and depression, increasing awareness and concentration, providing a better focus and calm mind thereby reducing stress and providing relaxation. It relieves muscular pain and provides flexibility in tense muscles. It also improves circulation, promotes deep breathing, improves posture and provides a restful sleep, increasing your general well being.


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